We are delighted to announce that we are now a formally accredited Digital Leaders School.

Our Digital Leaders Group comprises several pupils from the First to the Fourth Forms, and is managed by Lower Sixth Digital Leader prefects Marta and JJ, under the stewardship of Head of Computing, Mr Ramsden.

The Group will now undertake their online CPD training, run by Childnet – a non-profit organisation working with organisations and businesses to help make the internet an enjoyable and safe place for children. Their Digital Leaders Programme is a youth leadership training course specifically designed to empower young people to educate their peers about online safety.

Once certified, our Digital Leaders Group will support e-safety throughout the School and the two prefects will sit on the Whole School E-Safety Committee, which meets three times a year.

“This programme is not only beneficial for us in the Digital Leaders Group, but also for the whole School because we are creating a future that uses technology safely.”
Fourth Former, Digital Leaders Group