Upper Sixth Former Louis Morrogh-Bernard is delivering food to ultra-vulnerable people in the Chilcompton area.

This is an excerpt from his Diary of a ‘Quaran-teen’:

When I got home the day school closed for the majority of pupils – 19th March – a slip of paper had come in the post from Chilcompton village council. It had been posted to all houses in the village. It provided a phone number, and asked if anyone was able to offer help to those who were in self-isolation, or if anyone themselves required aid. This help could involve shopping, dog walking, or even just someone to speak to over the phone. I rang up to offer to help the next day. 

A few days later I had a phone call from them asking if I could do some shopping for someone who turned out to be our neighbours. They gave me a list of some very specific foods. At first, I went to the local Co-op where I found the majority of the items that they had put on the list, however, given that they are borderline vegans (vegetarian and dairy-free) it was very difficult to find their Alpro soya vanilla Greek yoghurt and ‘not butter’ vegetarian spread with reduced fat, let alone their very specific cat food. For the rest of their shopping I went to a large Tesco where I managed to find the rest of their items. I ring the doorbell and leave the bags by the front door, so I hardly see them other than during the weekly NHS claps. 

Doing their shopping has since become a regularity, and so I am starting to remember the placements of their various meat and dairy alternatives throughout the supermarket. I still have not been able to find the exact cat food that they ask for, but there is always next week, and most likely a few more weeks after that. I am sure that one of these weeks I will get the right one.’

Louis is just one of the Downside community who are looking to the needs of others before his own. 

Louis is also one of the authors in our academic journal Tessera, which celebrates intellectual exploration and discovery for their own sake. Click here to read his essay.