At Downside School in Somerset we encourage entrepreneurial spirit. Pupils have the freedom and support to think big, aim high and create unique work across the curriculum and wider curriculum. A longer school day and Sunday afternoons messing about in Art & Design provide plenty of time to nurture creativity.

Fifth Form Design & Technology pupil, Teddy, is just one of our many young inventors. He has designed and built a Bluetooth-activated motorised longboard for his GCSE Design and Technology course – perfect for getting around the School grounds. He has also made the board foldable, reducing the amount of storage space it takes up, thus making it ideal for places such as a university residence.


Teddy follows in the footsteps of his uncle, Gilo Cardozo, Founder and Executive Chairman of Gilo Industries in Dorset. Gilo was also a pupil at Downside, was taught Design and Technology by exactly the same dedicated staff, and went on to invent and build the Parajet aero engine which powered the famous flying car and took Bear Grylls over the top of Everest. 

Click here to read how Teddy approached this fantastic project in his own words.