During the first week of the summer holidays, 19 cadets from Downside, including four Lower Sixth Form NCOs, travelled to this year’s CCF Camp at Okehampton Battle Camp in Devon.

It was a very intense week of activities which included a water sports package (raft building, sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking and windsurfing) on Rodford Lake, a day live firing on the ranges in Exmouth, The Wyvern Challenge (a series of eight stands), competing against all the other schools present, a day spent learning survival skills, and a Military Skills day on Willsworthy Ranges.

The cadets were impeccably behaved, and a real credit to the school. Major John Storey kindly volunteered his services to the Cadet Training Team for the entire week, and Mrs Claire Murphy bravely survived the week, despite breaking her toe just a couple of days beforehand. 1 platoon, two section, led by Philip O’Keefe, won the Military Skills prize for the week – a fantastic achievement.

On the final night of camp I was delighted to promote the following Lower Sixth Form NCOs: SUO Philip O’Keefe, JUO Anna Bowman, RSM Samuel Willis, and C Sgt Frederick Morris. I am sure that they will all fulfil their respective roles admirably this year.