Careers Seminar

OGs, current parents and friends took time out of their busy schedules to come to Downside on Saturday 25th February to talk to pupils about their career journey. 

We are always grateful to people from the outside world who are willing to share their experience and expertise with our current pupils.  This year’s cohort ranged from Fashion to Formula One!

Pupils were able to attend four different sessions of their choice and gain a valuable insight into the world of work.

Thanks go to:

Mark Hartigan – Insurance

Andrew Healy – Publishing

Joe Keohane – Accountancy

Sophia Kichou – Journalism

Rafal Milczarski (S95) – Business

Tim Patrick – Art

Alvaro Pendas (B08) – Engineering

Matt Podesta (S86) – Design/Business

Clare Richie – Fashion

Andrew Walsh-Waring (B82) – Finance

Clare Wardle – Corporate Law

Ed Westlake – Property