From Ormond, Fifth Former

‘Downside basketball. What does it mean to you? You may be a fan supporting the team, an enthused player who joins us on the weekends or a devoted player who relentlessly plays for victory on the court at any opportunity. Whoever you may be, there is one thing we can all agree on – we all love basketball.  

The Downside basketball team was first established in January. As a team with varied year groups, skill levels and backgrounds, it was a tricky start to the season with a challenging match against Sidcot School. Everyone had their own agenda. Each and every one of us had not realised our designated roles on the team. Throughout the season we held training sessions to tackle our fundamental problems one by one. The team has come a long way since then, training together as well as individually, and has worked hard to improve their game.

Our last match on 25th March was also against Sidcot and we were victorious. Clovis brought the team a huge lead with his swift layups, persistently cutting through the enemy’s defence in the first quarter. Team captain and coach Jimmy, who encourages players on and off the court, also scored amazing fadeaways which helped secure the win. Adam stepped up in crucial moments, ultimately stalling Sidcot’s comeback and boosted morale for the whole team. Inigo, who dominated the paint and recorded multiple blocks and many rebounds, fulfilled the role of the big man on the team. Andy, a reliable playmaker, took on the role of defending their main offensive players. Andrew vastly improved throughout the season and scored his new high in the game.

Our passion and enthusiasm for basketball has kept us going through the season and securing a win at the end marked a wonderful conclusion for all the players, as well as for the teachers and students who have supported the team. Throughout the season, we have dealt with disappointment and losses. However, through perseverance and communication, players grew beyond themselves and worked as a team, which ultimately led us to victory.’