We are delighted to welcome a new student, Susannah from Rosebank College, a Benedictine school in Sydney, for a short stay at Downside School.

Benedictine traditions were established by Dom Bede Polding, a past pupil and then a Downside Monk, who evangelised the Catholic faith in Australia. He was made the first Archbishop of Sydney in 1842. In 2017, Father Leo was invited to Sydney to open a new building, Downside Hall at Rosebank College, commemorating the relationship that exists between us.

We are keen to build on our relationship with Rosebank and in August 2017, two of our Sixth Form pupils spent some of their summer holidays as students at Rosebank. Susannah is part of the same exchange programme which is now available to Downside pupils. Further details of future opportunities for our pupils can be obtained from Claire Murphy, Director of Pastoral Care.