When a Downside sporting trophy makes its way across the Globe and is treasured by subsequent generations, you know a lasting impression has been made. 

Gilbert William Ghewy was a pupil at Downside between 1902 and 1908 and he was awarded the Gregorian Prize trophy for boxing. The trophy has been passed down through the family and is now on display in a gym in Canada, run by Ghewy’s descendant. The Raven 1903-06 comments on Ghewy “opening the first win after three excellent rounds.”

Even further afield in Tasmania, is a trophy awarded for a 300 yards swimming race, won by Frank Glynn Connolly in 1880. Frank was a pupil at Downside between 1879 and 1882 and went on to study medicine, and become a celebrated doctor in Brisbane. Frank’s grandson in Tasmania, wrote to us with this photograph.

Does anyone have an older Downside trophy which has made its way across the world?