2016 Old Gregorian Medallist

Congratulations to Martin Appleby (S50) on being awarded the OG Medal at Prize Day on 28th May 2016.

Dom Leo Maidlow Davis awarded the medal to Martin (S50) saying …Over many years he has used his sound business and financial knowledge to help a wide range of charitable and other organisations in a way that never seeks to draw attention to himself. He has been one of our governors, chairman of the Amazon Trust, the Van Neste Foundation, St James’ Priory and a Trustee of the Clifton Diocese and the Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood. A Diocesan Trustee may not sound exciting, but the Church is the world’s oldest and largest multinational and a diocese is a complex subsection that involves not just parishes and a Cathedral, but schools and universities, missions and safeguarding, vocations and marriage tribunals – everything that supports our life as Catholic Christians. Declan, Bishop of Clifton, has written: ‘In all of this Martin showed his great love for the Church and the mission of the Diocese. It was indeed an expression of his faith put into action.’ (taken from Dom Leo’s Prize Day speech)