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In addition to receiving the current issue of The Raven and The Old Gregorian, one of the great privileges for members of the Society is that they are remembered in the Masses and prayers of the Community of St Gregory the Great.

The aims and objectives of St Gregory’s Society remain as important and relevant today as they ever have been: to further the education of pupils attending Downside in accordance with the Roman Catholic faith; to advance Roman Catholic education; and to unite the Old Gregorian community and friends of St Gregory’s Society for the promotion of education at Downside.

The Development Office at Downside supports St Gregory’s Society by managing all administrative tasks. The Office holds the database of Old Gregorians if you are looking for old friends, organises events and manages communications. If you want to visit Downside, we will ensure you receive a warm welcome. To contact the Development Office please email Jessica Newman, Director of Development or call 01761 235194.

Ken Beedle (R73)
Dom Leo Maidlow Davis (Patron)  (B72)
Hon Treasurer 
Ben Jennings (R05)
Charles Harbord (R12)
Katy Nannestad (I09)
Hannah Field (I14)
Tallulah Horton (C18)
Martin Waller (Ra72)
Jane Adamson (S82)
Elena McFarlane (I13)
Executive Secretary
Silvia Acosta Santos
Jonathan Grew (C77)
Rupert Orchard (R74)
Mary Jane Platt (Ra76)
Mark Steed (C71)
Geoffrey Jaques (B59)
Ian Norrington (B54)
John Scanlan  (S54)
Simon Westlake (S81)
Honorary Vice-Presidents 
John Churchill  – USA (East) (B84)
Philip Morris – France (R79)
Gaizka Ortuzar  – Spain (S53)
James Scanlan – Spain (S86)
Vincent Barrett  – Ireland (Ra87)
David Briffa – Malta (Ra75)
Being a family of three generations of Old Gregorians, with every generation receiving a distinct experience from their time at Downside, it is clear that the School continues to evolve and move with the times. The OG Society remains with its objectives to further education (including social and physical training) and to unite and associate Members of the Society.
Vice-President of St Gregory's Society, Jonny Grew (C77)
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