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Bruised Reeds is a network that helps OGs who are experiencing difficult times.

Set up by the late Jake Francis-Jones (B55) to offer support and a listening ear to any OG who might be struggling to manage mental, emotional or physical health issues for themselves, or for a loved one: those who have fallen foul of the law; who are at risk of homelessness or who are currently homeless; those struggling with addictions; OGs who feel isolated, lonely or trapped; or any OG who needs support, whatever their circumstances.

Bruised Reeds does not offer financial support but rather, the opportunity to talk to someone without being judged. The co-ordinator, Stephen Stokes (C78), and other volunteer OGs from around the world are available to listen and provide emotional support for any OG who needs it.

Referrals can be for yourself or for someone you know from our OG community. Referrals are confidential and support is only offered with consent. For more information or to ask for support please email Stephen Stokes or contact the Development Office here.

“Let the abbot temper all things so that the strong may have something to strive for but that the bruised reed may not be broken” From the Rule of St Benedict, Chapter 64.

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