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We are fortunate to have a large community of individuals that together, form our wider community.

Downside is, and always has been, so much more than just a place of education. It has a unique and almost unrivalled network of followers who demonstrate an extraordinary degree of loyalty. The Wider Community exists to draw together all who are, or who have been, involved with Downside from alumni, current and former parents, staff and former staff, governors, friends, and all others who wish to stay in touch, including members of St Gregory’s Society and the Downside Association.

The Wider Community is cared for by the Development Office at Downside, in conjunction with Members of St Gregory’s Society and the Downside Association.


When pupils leave Downside, they become Old Gregorians (OGs) and have held this name since the School’s establishment in 1814. The School, through the Development Office, organises reunions for OGs all over the world, as well as keeping them in touch with the School and each other.

Old Gregorians who have completed their subscription become Life Members of St Gregory’s Society.

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Downside Association

Downside is not simply an educational experience, we want you as a family to feel welcome too and the Downside Association, formerly known as the Parents’ Association, is the body whose role it is to provide ongoing activities and friendships that connect us now and in the future.

The scope of the Downside Association includes not just our current parent body, but our whole Wider Community.

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News & events

Keep up to date with personal and professional news from all Members of our Wider Community or join us at one of the many events that take place across the globe. There are lots of opportunities to reconnect, with social and networking events throughout the year for all to enjoy.

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