Tristram Hillier (R1922) was born in Peking, leading a nomadic early life.

After being sent to Downside in the late 1910’s Hillier is first recorded in the Raven as being posted to Roberts House in December 1919. His school career later led him to become a Roberts School Prefect, a member of the Dramatic Society and in his final term being awarded for his performance as Herbert in The Monkey’s Paw.

After leaving Downside in December 1922, Hillier experienced a ‘tornado of conflicting influences’, including cubism and surrealism that truly shaped his art. After making his family home in Somerset, and travelling to Europe each year, Hillier became one of the most distinctive British Artists of the 20th century.

In memory of Hillier’s work, the Southwest Heritage Trust created an online digital exhibition following the exhibition hosted at The Museum of Somerset. The Landscapes of the Mind exhibition allows the largest collection of Hillier’s painting to be in one place. To find out more about Hillier’s life before, during and after his career, the online exhibition also covers examples of some of his earlier art pieces. Follow the link here to find out more.