Downside Month of Service

The Benedictine ethos permeates every aspect of our school like a stick of rock, and we’re dedicated to producing pupils who have a strong moral compass.

Throughout October we’re celebrating a ‘Month of Service’ and exploring ways in which we can positively help those around us; there are a range of activities and projects lined up from discussions in tutor period and talks from the National Citizens’ Service, we’ll be going out on the Soup Run and taking part in the CAFOD family fast day.

Deputy Head Master, Mr Andrew Hobbs, shared a few tips that had developed from conversations with Service Prefects, and staff at INSET training, and we thought that you might like them too.

Offer Others a Smile

Say hello to people, be welcoming, hold open the door.

Remember to Tidy Up

Leave a room tidy, clear up the rubbish, or wash up the teacups or sort the laundry.

Be Thoughtful

Offer to make a cup of tea or coffee, remember to return borrowed clothes, learn the names of staff and pupils with whom you are unfamiliar.

Show Appreciation

Be polite, say thank you. 


Ask questions and listen to the response, share a meal with those who might otherwise be on their own, offer a hand to someone who has dropped their tray.

Be Generous

Offer to help carry a burden, be generous with your belongings, bake for someone, read for others, offer to do the hoovering, or help with the soup run.

Community Spirit

Organise games or parties for others, clean up the cafe and other social spaces, offer to help with community events, visit the elderly, or write a letter in support of those in war-torn parts of the world.