During lockdown, Third Form budding actors explored the work of Foley Artists who make and record sound effects for radio drama and other programmes.

After experimenting with everyday objects and recording their own effects, pupils were put into groups in breakout rooms to create their own pieces. They started with a choice of scripts which they then added to and adapted to suit their own ideas. Finally, they found and recorded sound effects and recorded their pieces using a range of technology from collaborating on BandLab to recording in our soundproof recording studio using professional microphones. When they returned to school, pupils were able to use Logic, iMovie and BandLab to edit their pieces, or edit from home for those who were still remote learning.

Here is the radio play from three of the Third Form:


If you’re looking for a school that champions the Arts, Downside could be just the place for you. The School is renowned the high quality of its Arts, and provides a healthy Arts provision as part of both our curriculum – GCSE Music, A level Drama & Theatre and A level Music – and in the School’s co-curriculum programme.

The School’s Arts facilities include Downside Abbey Church – the perfect venue for musicians to perform in; a Performing Arts Centre which has a 400-seat theatre, music rooms and a recording studio; and a Mac Studio dedicated to music. Music is always high on the agenda, with four choirs, an orchestra and various bands including Rock Band and the CCF Pipe Band, and the school’s Schola Cantorum is the oldest Roman Catholic school choir in the United Kingdom.

Drama scholarships are available at 13+ and Drama & Theatre scholarships at 16+. To find out more, please contact our Admissions Team.