Every year, each of our year groups go off-timetable to pause and reflect on retreat.

For some it’s the first time they have experienced a retreat or lectio (a special way of reading the Bible). For everyone it’s an opportunity to forge new friendships, strengthen existing ones, connect with faith, and discover more about oneself.

The recent Third Form retreat centred on community. The Heads of School, Stephanie and Joseph, shared testimonies about what, for them, makes a strong community, whilst Angus and Lily, Heads of Juniors, shared the ‘Charter for Community Living’, which involved asking the pupils about what it means to be part of a community.

The pupils also made a pilgrimage to local Holcombe Church using Cafod’s ‘Share the Journey’ which focuses on six individuals who have become refugees due to war or persecution. As they walked, our pupils kept these individuals, and others like them, in their minds and prayed for them. Like any good retreat, they group finished with a smashing afternoon tea!

From the pupils on retreat:
‘This retreat showed us how lucky we are to not have the stress of poverty.’

‘The activities encouraged us to get to know each other, and gather a friendship and community with Christ.’

‘We formed friendships.’

‘We improved our knowledge of Benedictine values.’

‘We learnt what it means to be part of a community, and we got to know each other better.’

‘We discovered the amazing abilities and wonders of each of our individuals.’

‘I liked making the prayers for the refugees and homeless.’

‘It was a great time to reflect.’

‘I learnt what it means to be in a community.’