The Downside Christmas Dash is one of our more unusual School traditions, and one of the most popular Inter-House events of the year.

Each House has runners that complete a course in staggered intervals and an eater who has to eat a combination of foods as quickly as possible including chocolate-covered sprouts and cheese crackers. Oh – and one of the Smythe Sixth Formers always runs the course in a yellow tracksuit!

This year the running course differed from previous years so that it was Covid-compliant, and all runners, eaters and supporters remained in their bubbles. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was fantastic. Despite the somewhat muddy course, the runners performed incredibly well, the eaters ate with gusto, and all were cheered on by very supportive friends and staff.

Roberts House was the overall winner of this year’s Dash, with Isabella House winning for the girls.

Thanks go to all the staff who made the event possible and safe for all to enjoy.