Tenebrae work with Downside singers!

Downside’s singers were thrilled to start the academic year working with the internationally acclaimed chamber choir, Tenebrae, and their director, Nigel Short. 

The Schola Cantorum had a one-hour workshop, during which Edward Bairstow’s Let all mortal flesh keep silence was covered. After supper, the Chamber Choir had a further hour and a half on William Byrd’s Mass for four voices and James MacMillan’s dazzling Data est mihi potestas. Tenebrae’s director, Nigel Short, and four members of the ensemble who joined the Downside singers for the events also provided valuable instruction on vocal technique, as well as demonstrations of some of the music covered in the workshops.

This term the young singers will perform in the St Cecilia concert, on 23rd November; to book, click here

To learn more about Music Scholarships at Downside, please do speak to our Admissions department, or come to our Open Day on Saturday 4th November.