Sydney Gathering

Father Leo was in Sydney to open the new Downside Hall at Rosebank College. Find out more here

Patrick Keane (R88) very kindly organised a reunion dinner and gathered OGs to welcome him.  In attendance were:

Geoffrey Cook (S59)
Ed Dieppe (R03)
David Gasan (B95)
Simon Hindson (Ra82)
Robert Johnston (R73)
Robert Martinez (Ra65)
John McCarthy (U60)
Nick Pigot (S80)
Jonathan Samengo-Turner (S82)
Pippa Sears (S77)

As well as OGs flying in from Brisbane (Robert Martinez)  and Victoria (Geoff Cook) , George Hobbs (R17) who is working at the King’s School Parramatta as a Gap Student came to meet the local OGs and make new friends while he is on their staff for a year. Geoff Cook was keen to extend an invitation to any young OGs travelling in Australia to his home near the Great Ocean Road in Victoria which is a major tourist attraction in Victoria. Good to see that Gregorian hospitality is alive and well down under.

Current pupils Humphrey Francis-Jones and Luke Freely who had enjoyed a few weeks as pupils at Rosebank College as part of the 150th celebrations prior to the opening of Downside Hall, also attended the OG dinner and enjoyed comparing notes with older OGs about Downside then and now.