Why we need you

Downside is and always has been so much more than just a place of education. It has a unique and almost unrivalled network of followers who demonstrate an extraordinary degree of loyalty.

The new School Trust was established in September 2019 and remains true to our Benedictine values. It has not yet established an endowment or capital fund and will rely entirely on fundraising for development. 

Fundraising Strategy

Short Term – The Annual Fund

There are always several smaller projects in the development plan which can quickly enhance the daily life of the School. Every year we appeal for donations to the Annual Fund designed to provide these additional resources we need within the year.

In addition, the Annual Fund provides an accessible, affordable way for you to donate a small regular amount to the bursary fund and contribute towards a deserving child’s education. Click here to donate.



Medium Term – Capital Campaign

The restoration and refurbishment of our historic buildings is a huge challenge and costs millions. From time to time we embark on a Capital Campaign to tackle one such project. The last Capital Campaign undertaken was the transformation of the old theatre into a magnificent new Performing Arts Centre in the heart of the School when £1.4 million was raised.

Long Term – Legacies

Legacies are our long-term strategy and capital projects have sometimes been made possible by the timely arrival of a legacy. Low interest rates coupled with longer retirement mean that donating a large capital sum is simply not practical during your lifetime, and may be more easily achieved by leaving a legacy.

Downside is a registered charity and therefore, any bequests are exempt from any inheritance tax liability. In these uncertain times, you may like to consider leaving a percentage of your residual estate once other bequests have been met assured in the knowledge that the Chancellor won’t be one of your beneficiaries.

Click on the image below to view our legacy brochure.


Annual Report

If you have any questions about how to donate, please contact me:

Mrs Jessica Newman
Development Manager
Email: jnewman@downside.co.uk
Tel: +44(0)1761 235194