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Here at Downside, we are proud of our tradition of offering means-tested bursaries to children who we know will thrive. In the absence of any endowment we launched the Father Laurence Bursary Fund in 2008 in his memory. Ten years on we have raised £1.7 million and supported hundreds of pupils.

We are immensely grateful to everyone who has supported the Father Laurence Bursary Fund. If you are in a position to support these young people then give them the gift of education and make a real difference. Click here to donate.

Funding A Bursary With Regular Giving

Funding a bursary at Downside school

Sponsoring A Place

                        Sixth form bursary legacy


Downside School has no significant endowment and no association with any livery company. Neither are we funded by the Catholic Church.

We need to build an endowment fund within the Father Laurence Bursary Fund to secure the future of bursaries at our school. Current interest rates make that seem unattractive but that will change. Every £1 million invested generates the capital for one pupil to be at Downside from 13-18 either as a day pupil or a 50% recipient of a boarding bursary.

If you are in a position to give the gift of education to a child please contact us. For most people this is beyond reach during their lifetimes however, a legacy of property or shares can make a very big difference to the life of a child in perpetuity. To find our more about how to leave a legacy to Downside and give the gift of education in your will click here.

If you have any questions about how to donate, please feel free to contact us:

Mrs Jessica Newman
Development Manager
+44(0)1761 235194