From Sixth Former Sophie:

Last week’s Sixth Form Lecture was given by Rachel Bryson on the subject of Global Violent Extremism since 9/11.

Rachel studied Arabic and French at the University of Edinburgh, which led her into working in the field of counter extremism. In her talk she went through the different terrorist groups that have risen in profile since the 9/11 attack and the effects that these individual groups have had on different countries and states. Following the horrors of 9/11, the US government launched their War on Terror, an international military campaign which included invading Afghanistan to target Al-Qaeda. 

What Rachel made clear in her talk was how global the issue of terrorism is today. The problem of violent extremism is still current, as is the increasing effect Islamic extremism has on European countries, not only the countries where the terrorist groups originate.

The Sixth Form all thoroughly enjoyed this lecture as it was really engaging and something the majority of us did not know lots about. Although the topic itself was challenging and complicated, Rachel gave a clear explanation of the complexities of the situation whilst making it an extremely enjoyable and interesting talk to listen to.