The Science Department in full force

The Science Department have enjoyed a very busy week at the end of the Lent Term….

British Science Week is a UK-wide initiative to promote interest and learning. As part of the celebratory week, Downside’s Science Department pushed the boat out to provide a range of inspiring activities for pupils to enjoy. 

The week started with the annual Wildlife Photography Competition prize-giving ceremony, presided by renowned photographer, Geoff Harris. Mr Cox led a star-gazing activity in the Quad, taking photos of Jupiter, on Monday evening; the activity was hosted in partnership with Mark Woodland, fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. A Sixth Form lecture was given by Dr Gilbert Thompson, an OG and Emeritus Professor of Imperial College, London, on the Wednesday evening. Dr Parker gave a talk entitled ‘Molecular Origami‘ for the Sixth Form. 

Miss Robertson presented an exciting ‘Fire & Ice Show’ as part of Chemistry lessons.  A ‘Technician’s Challenge’ was hosted throughout the week to create a rocket…which do you think flew furthest, those created by pupils or technicians?  Mr Cox gave a ‘Spider Talk’, featuring some rather large creepy-crawlies, and finally, a series of Wallingford Lectures took place, with Lower Sixth Academic scholars presenting talks on subjects that they’d researched individually.

Great fun was had by all, with the pupils having a chance to experience something new. Disclaimer: don’t look at the photo gallery below if you’re not a fan of spiders!