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Thank you to the Millington Family 

We are delighted to share our new Downside School Film. The production would not have been possible without the creative talent and generosity of the Millington family, who have allowed us to use their stunning version of ‘Together in Electric Dreams,’ as the musical backdrop to the film. Do please take a few minutes to sit back and enjoy the imagery and music of this very special video, showcasing our School.

During the November 2020 lockdown, an inspiring collective of choral and orchestral musicians (all performing from their homes in Somerset), collaborated to create this beautiful take on Phil Oakey and Giorgio Moroder’s classic, ‘Together in Electric Dreams,’ to remember all those who lost their lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. Their song was released in December 2020, accompanied by photographs of lost loved ones collaged by the social media group ‘Shine A Light to Fight Coronavirus.’ This group was established in March 2020 as an online meeting place for those affected physically or emotionally by the disease, and quickly became a poignant shrine to those who had suffered loss.

Producer Jeremy Millington explained, “It’s so easy for those of us untouched by the disease to forget that behind each of the death statistics was a lovely smiling mum, son or grandma who will be absent forever. This is our tribute to all of them.” Sixth Form pupil Ciara’s stunning voice leads the melody, and she is accompanied by current pupil Bryn on alto sax, and OG Lara Standivan (I22) on cello. Several members of the Skylarks Choir who sing on the song, are also members of the wider Downside communityThe song raised significant funds which were donated to mental health and bereavement charities Mind, and Cruse Bereavement Care. 

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