From Robert, Sixth Form

‘The Sixth Form had the pleasure of listening to governor Michael Bernard talk about renewable energy – is it really cleaner, cheaper and more reliable? – as part of their Sixth Form lecture series last week. 

The talk started with a brief but thorough summary of renewable energy after which Mr Bernard went on to talk about the significant benefits of renewable sources of energy. He did this by categorising the talk into three parts: whether renewable energy is cleaner, cheaper and more reliable than the alternative sources.  

The answer to whether renewable energy was cleaner came as an unsurprising yes to listeners. However, the audience were surprised to find that renewable energy is also cheaper and more reliable than alternate forms of energy. This surprise led to a member of the audience asking the excellent question of “How come we don’t change all of our sources of energy to renewable forms?” to which Mr Bernard gave a very good explanation of how existing infrastructure made this difficult. 

This talk was immensely enjoyable and came as a breath of fresh air compared to the recent COP26 talks as it showed that there is hope for our environment through improvements and investments to renewable energy. It displayed the fact that a carbon neutral planet is feasible and not just a sci-fi fantasy.’

Mr Bernard has been a governor for Downside since March 2019. He is pictured above, centre, with four of the School’s other governors.