Removing Windows from the Monastery Library

Over the last few weeks, we have been following the work of Techniglaze as they replace the windows in the Monastery Library with state of the art glass.

The new frames are bespoke, and are specially treated to ensure no UV light enters the library. UV light damages the books on the shelves. The new windows not only protect the books, but allow users of the library to see out, providing beautiful views across Somerset and of the abbey church.

Follow the guide below to find out more:

Step 1: Score a small corner of the glass 


Step 2: Using a hammer, gently tap the area around the scoring to break it


Step 3: Remove the loose broken glass from the frame


Step 4: Score a larger area of glass and remove


Step 5: Peel off the protective layer of carbon fibre (in the old windows, these sheets prevented UV light damaging the books)


Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all the glass and carbon fibre is removed. For larger pieces of glass, use a suction cup.




Step 7: Once all the top layer of glass is removed, scrape away any remaining carbon fibre.


Step 8: As before, score the glass. Have someone else on the inside removing the plastic sheeting as you go.



Step 9: As before, tap out and remove the glass pieces.



Once all the glass is removed, the frame is taken out and the new pane is put in place. Thank you to Geoff and Sam for their help putting this article together!

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