The Summer Term is underway with much enthusiasm. Our Remote Learning programme is helping our pupils with a routine which is manageable and sustainable.

We have slightly redesigned our timetable to make the timings simpler and with the intention of providing a healthy blend of opportunities for classes to come together to receive live instruction or modelled activities; but of equal importance is the need for our pupils to study independently using resources provided for them by teachers on which they can work at their own pace.

In this time of uncertainty, we need, more than ever, to listen to and support one another. As a school, we have a strong sense of community but the way in which we express this will inevitably change as we move online. We will be continuing with community events, such as Mass, School Assembly, Hymn Practice, tutor groups and House assemblies in virtual form. These are important set piece events but the sense of community is generated from our everyday interactions, which take place in the classroom, in the Houses, and through the co-curricular and the spiritual life of the School. We will be reuniting these communities online and providing the opportunity for relationships within them to be strengthened.

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