Pupil Millie experiences life as a journalist

We’re delighted to have introduced the role of the Media Prefect this year at Downside for senior pupils who wish to gain practical experience in reporting across a range of media.  We were excited to hear about Millie’s work-experience at a professional newspaper….

Over the Michaelmas half term I was given the opportunity to do some work experience at the children newspaper First News. I spent three days with them and was given the task of writing and designing a page on Remembrance Day for their Remembrance edition. This was an invaluable experience as I got to work with the design team as well as the journalists. I also got to go to a children’s event at the Excel Centre called Kidtropolis where I helped the marketing team with selling their newspaper. I thoroughly enjoyed this work experience and it has made me consider journalism as a potential career path in the future. Not only was this very inspiring but it has also enhanced my computer and writing skills as I have been able to use them outside of the classroom.

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