Why we need you

Downside is and always has been so much more that just a place of education. It has a unique and almost unrivalled network of followers who demonstrate an extraordinary degree of loyalty.

In the new Development Plan we have a clear vision of how we want to develop the facilities, broaden access to the community, and build on our many recent successes here at Downside. However, such aspirations come at a price and obviously cannot be financed from fee income. Without the luxury of surplus funds or an endowment, this means that we must seek additional sources of financial support.

In the competitive world of independent education, professional fund-raising is an essential part of every school’s life. In the last two years Downside has raised well over £1 million in a time of deep recession underwriting capital projects as well as building a new fund for bursaries. Support from OGs and parents has made the big difference to the progress we are making. We ask you to help us to ensure that Downside, its effect and message remain attractive and thus endure.

Fundraising Strategy

Short Term

There are always a number of smaller projects in the development plan which can quickly enhance the daily life of the School. Every year we appeal for donations to the Annual Fund designed to provide these additional resources we would like to have within the year.
Click here to view our Annual Fund Brochure for 2018-19.
Click here to view our Annual Fund Brochure for 2017-18.

Medium Term

The restoration and refurbishment of our historic buildings is a huge challenge and costs millions. These projects are only made possible by the philanthropic support of generous benefactors in a position to give something back for future generations.

Long Term

Legacies are our long term strategy and in recent years major capital projects have sometimes been made possible by the timely arrival of a legacy. Low interest rates coupled with longer retirement mean that donating a large capital sum is simply not practical during your lifetime, even though you would like to be a benefactor.

Downside is a registered charity and therefore any bequests are exempt from any inheritance tax liability. In these uncertain times, you may like to consider leaving a percentage of your residual estate once other bequests have been met assured in the knowledge that the Chancellor won’t be one of your beneficiaries.

Click here to view our legacy brochure.
Click here to view our annual report.

If you have any questions about how to donate, please feel free to contact us:

Mrs Jane Vines
Director of External Communications
Email: jvines@downside.co.uk
Tel: +44(0)1761 235158