Here at Downside, we are proud of our tradition of offering means-tested bursaries to children who we know will thrive.

However, we do need the means to continue this good work and safeguard this principle for future generations, in the absence of any significant endowment scholarships and bursaries are funded from fees.

Your support is essential to help us widen access and enable some pupils to come to Downside who for financial reasons could not otherwise do so. It also helps pupils to remain in the event of an unforeseen change in family circumstances.

The Charity Commission advise that 7-10% of pupils are partially funded by offering means-tested places. Our aim is to fund these places through charitable giving and maximise the Gift Aid we can apply to make the most of your donations.

 Funding a bursary



Annual Fees



50% Bursary



 5 year term






To sponsor one pupil less Gift Aid



Cost to the donor if higher rate tax payer






To endow a bursary in perpetuity for a new pupil every year the capital invested must generate annually



Assuming interest rates at 5%



To educate a Downside pupil from 13-18 costs £150,000 and we give away £800,000 every year to families in need of help. We have no endowment so this support comes entirely from fee income and impacts on our surplus every year.

If you are now in a position to give something back and help future generations to benefit from a Downside education then please make a donation to our Bursary Fund.

If you have any questions about how to donate, please feel free to contact us:

Mrs Jane Vines
Director of External Communications
+44(0)1761 235158