Congratulations to two of our Sixth Form Polish scholars – Marianna and Jakub – who have been successful in their application to the highly competitive ‘Our Future Foundation mentorship programme‘.

‘The goal of the Foundation’s mentoring program is to provide comprehensive support to talented students on their way to the best universities in the USA, UK and in other global destinations. The Foundation’s mentees (aged 15-19) are selected in a nationwide qualification process. By participating in a year-round programme, they receive help from experienced tutors – students of prestigious world universities (including University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and Harvard University), who will help to choose the best suited course and university, as well as assist in the complex application process. They will also advise the mentees on planning a career path and, above all, help in gaining valuable first-hand knowledge about studying abroad.’

Jaukb commented: ‘The process of application involved answering questions such as ‘What is your vision for yourself and your plans for the future?’, in written form and then a short interview. During the interview, the committee has asked us questions about variety of different topics including our vision for the future, who we would most like to meet and the transition from a Polish to a British school.

What is your vision for yourself and your plans for the future?
“I am a very specific person who likes to have every step planned in advance, so I have many, many plans for the future. I was lucky enough to know what I want to do at a very early age. I always wanted to study medicine abroad and I stick to that plan completing it step-by-step. After finishing my studies and residency, I would like to specialise in the field of psychiatry, oncology, or surgery in conjunction with neurology.  Apart from developing my career, one of my goals in life is to continue my adventure with music, because it is a field that gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction. Additionally, I would like to become more fluent in German and learn a different, less-known language.” 
Jakub: “To study biomedical engineering in the future.”

Who is the person we would like to meet and have a chat with?
“Marie Skłodowska-Curie. She was an incredible woman in a science world full of men that believed the only things a woman can be good at is cooking and taking care of the children. By winning the Noble Prize not once, but twice, she proved everyone wrong, and I admire that very much. I would like to ask her what gave her strength to keep working and not give up, because as a girl aspiring to have a career connected to science, I know that even now, in 21st century it is hard at times, not to mention in the 19th century!”
Jakub: “I would love to meet and chat with Erwin Schrödinger who is an Austrian physicist.”

What was the hardest thing in your transmission from Polish to British school?
“I think the hardest part of the whole experience is distance. In Poland I left my class which I had known for four years, close friends, my family, a city which I know and absolutely adore to move across Europe by myself, with three packages of belongings, not knowing absolutely anyone. Keeping in contact with everyone I left at home, as well as having a successful social life here at Downside was a real challenge especially at the beginning of the School year when everything was new and unknown. Now I love Downside with my whole heart, but sometimes I still wish that I could just go home from time to time, as day pupils do. But I think that just proves how important those relationships are for me and that I am doing everything I can to maintain them.”  
Jakub: “Getting used to a British accent!”