Professional Networking

The old adage “it not what you know but who you know” is as true today as it always was and the OG network is second to none as a vibrant and active group.

Getting on the career ladder or taking that next step in your professional development can be a daunting prospect and we try hard to facilitate professional networking for all our members. This provides a much broader network of support and experience than would otherwise be possible alone.

Starting at School we hold a career seminar every year when OGs come back to speak to sixth form pupils about various career options, pathways to get to them and likely pitfalls on the way. As pupils go on to university and start to become clearer in the direction they are likely to take, we can put them in touch with OGs willing to mentor, provide work experience or just have an informal chat. Once part of the world of work, we arrange professional networking events, usually in London, for OGs. The opportunity to share ideas and build relationships with people who live by the same code of conduct can be very valuable in so many ways in today’s turbulent and frantically busy world.

Regular networking events include the Property Lunch, the Media Lunch, OG Medical Society and the City Mass – followed by lunch. If you would like to participate please call Downside on 01761 235194.