Old Gregorians of St Gregory’s Society

The first recorded meeting of St Gregory’s Society was in a London hotel in 1843, followed of course by a good dinner. Today our Society comprises around 5,000 Old Gregorians and it is thriving.

The centrepiece in the Society’s calendar is the Easter Retreat held at Downside each year from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday and attended by many OGs both young and old and their families. Dinners in London, Hong Kong and Brazil remain regular annual fixtures and events are held every three years in Dublin, Madrid and Malta.

Sport also flourishes under the auspices of the Society through the Wanderers Cricket Club, the OG Golfing Society and more recently, OG Rugby. The Society publishes a monthly newsletter sent via email and there is an active group on Facebook and LinkedIn.

One of the great privileges of members of the Society is that we are remembered in the Masses and prayers of the Community at St Gregory’s.

The Development Office at Downside supports St Gregory’s Society by managing all administrative tasks. The Office holds the OG database if you are looking for old friends, run the on-line shop for memorabilia and events, keep this website up to date and if you want to visit Downside we will ensure you receive a warm welcome. 


Almighty Father,
by the power of your Holy Spirit,
grant that the whole Downside community
may prosper in its devotion to you.
Through Christ our Lord