Nicholas Lash (C50) has been made a Knight of Saint Gregory for service to the Church as a theologian.

Simon Inchbald (B60) was appointed Mayor of Waverley Borough Council.

Richard Cohen (B65) has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.  His latest book, How to write like Tolstoy, will be published in papaerback by Oneworld in September 2017.  In April 2018 he will be the New York Times lecturer on their special tour aboard the Orient Express.

Simon Hood (B69) became an International advisor to Zephir Capital S.p.A. and is a volunteer at the Katherine Law Settlement.

Mark Whitlock Blundell (C69) has been appointed Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside.

Willie Hartley Russell (S79) has been appointed Deputy Lieutenant for the Royal County of Berkshire.

Peter Morgan (Ra80) won Best TV Series at the Golden Globes for his drama ‘The Crown’

Andrew Heywood (S87) was awarded an OBE in the 2017 New Year Honours List.

Harry Agius (S05) aka Midland won the Essential Mix of the Year Award.

Tomas Pena-Grande (C05) has been appointed as Abogado del Estado (state attorney) in Spain.

Tom Thicknesse (B07) was awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service in Operational Honours List 46. (October 2016)

Alex Toomey (R12) was awarded The Queen’s Medal for Top Military, Academic and Practical Scores across the Army Commissioning Course.  He is to commission into the Royal Regiment of Scotland,

Nicholas Rety (B49) recently published a memoir, “No Return Ticket”, by Authorhouse Publishing. The book is a recollection of early years as a witness to the Second World War siege of Budapest, going on to arrival at Downside, later life in London in the early post-war years.  

Martin Hugh-Jones (C54) completed his Trans America Expedition at the Arctic Circle in Alaska, with the original Landrover and team that they began with in 1960.

John Dillon (B56) has recently published Plotinus, Ennead IV 3-4: Problems concerning the Soul, Parmenides Press, Las Vegas, 2015, and is co-editing, with Professor Andrei Timotin, Platonic Theories of Prayer, Brill, Leiden, 2016

Simon Jervis (B60) has published with Dudley Dodd, “Roman Splendour, English Arcadia, The English taste for Pietre Dure and the Sixtus Cabinet at Stourhead”.

Ian Nicolson (B45) has had his 24th book produced by Amberly Publishing of Stroud. The title is “ALFRED MYLNE, The Leading Yacht Designer 1896 – 1920.”  This book is about the early life of the Scottish designer.