Richard Hodgson (B72) to Beki Cook.

Peter Leyshon (R06) to Kathryn Holt 

Ed Stewart (B00) to Carolina Carlstedt

Oliver Lombard (S07) to Harriet Needham

Jack Knight (R07) to Emma Deakin

Charlotte Row (C07) to Tom Martin

Blair Sasada (B08) to Felicity McCann

Damian Keeling (B98) to Liquarice Price

Andrew Byett (S01) to Harriet Towsey

Nikolaus Roggendorf (R09) to Antonia von Behr

Aaron Hopkins (C04) to Katherine Service

Edward Stewart (B00) to Carolina Carlstedt

Nicholas Beedle (R07) to Rowena Chalwin

Benedict MacDonald (C95) to Angela Celi

Ian Woodward (B05) and Anne-Marie Jennings 

Nicholas Beedle (R07) and Rowena Chalwin