What is a food mile? How much greenhouse gasses do I produce? How do I balance my needs against those of our planet? 

In October, the First Form were off-timetable for their Mini COP26 Climate Summit – ‘Taking a Bite out of Climate Change’. Using class materials produced by TakeaBite, pupils were able to practically explore how food choices impact climate change. Part of the summit included a cook-alonh session with Beckie Lait from TakeaBite. Beckie is  the final year of her integrated Masters degree in Theoretical Physics, with a focus on the animal-based growth hormones in dairy and their impact on human health. She has a keen interest in educating others about the environmental impact that our food choices have.​ The summit concluded with pupils sharing their findings online with other schools around the country.

Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, recently conducted a learner survey of 5,000 people in five countries. 76% of the respondents ‘believe that children should start learning about climate change in primary school or earlier.’ The survey went on to report that the lack of climate change education could lead to a learning gap for a future of work that will be built on green jobs. 

With this in mind, the First Form feel that their Mini Climate Summit has helped them understand even more about how the little changes they can make in their every day lives can have an impact if we all pull together; from thinking about their food portions so that less food is wasted in the Ref at lunchtime (and encouraging others to do the same!) to ensuring that, for example, taps are turned off in the House bathrooms after use.

“I will eat less meat from now on.” “I will eat more healthily and recycle even more than I already do.” “I am going to make sure I don’t waste food.” – First Form pupils