We were delighted to welcome Mark Katz from the Actors of Dionysus (AOD) to lead our 2022 ‘Visions of the Classics’ lecture in January for our GCSE and A level classicists. 

With a few well-chosen words, Mark transformed volunteers from the audience into a team working in exquisite harmony, moving through a series of sinuous shapes following first one leader then another. This, he explained, is how the Chorus in Greek theatre worked over 2,000 years ago. 

During an enthralling lecture Mark moved from Disney’s Hercules via Percy Jackson and the 300 back to consider the origins of Greek drama. He spoke from the perspective of an actor and director whose company has been bringing plays such as Antigone and Lysistrata to modern audiences for over 25 years. A spellbinding speaker, he engaged every member of his audience and involved us in practical tasks. A simple, modified game of rock, paper, scissors helped us to ‘act big’ on the stage like Greek actors. The afternoon sped by and we all had different take-aways from nuggets of information to an awareness of the sheer scale of theatre in the open-air. 

We hope that Mark will bring the AOD’s next production back to the Fleischner Theatre so that we can see theory in action.