John Pridmore talks to pupils

John Pridmore, a former gangster turned Christian, spoke to the whole School at an assembly last week. 

His life is an extraordinary testimony to the transforming power of grace after conversion to Christ. You will enjoy John’s book From Gang Land to Promised Land, and you can learn more by visiting his website: 

“I began working with at risk youth showing them there is another path than the violent one I took. Within a few years I was full time speaking in parishes, schools and prisons around the U.K. and Ireland to tens of thousands of people each year. I spoke at World Youth Day in Sydney to over 400,000 young people and ever since my ministry has become more and more international. At the beginning of June 2009 I went to Liberia so I could speak to former children soldiers who were forced to take up arms and fight in the Liberian Civil war about the grace of forgiveness.” John Pridmore.

Photographer credit: Charlotte Griffith