Last Friday’s Inter-House Music Competition was a thoroughly enjoyable event and a showed high standard of musical talent.

Barlow opened the show with Sam and Dominic conducting. Their opening piece, The Carnival is over (Trad.) was a strong start to the evening and demonstrated a lovely balance of voices. Their other performances were Guide me, O thou great Redeemer (214) and I’ve got a brand-new combine harvester by the Wurzels.
‘You make a great sound Barlow, and gave a great, fun performance!’ – Sarah Kettlety (external judge)

Isabella House, conducted by Celi, presented La vie en rose in the form of a multi-part song, performed a capella in a charming arrangement. Their performance of Be still for the presence of the Lord was harmonious and dynamic. Their final offering was When I grow up from the musical Matilda (Tim Minchin).
‘Well done on a well-rehearsed, polished performance’. – Sarah Kettlety

Roberts’ first piece – Pastime with good company (attrib. Henry VIII) – was a challenging one. They went on to produce a lovely, moving sound with their choice of hymn, The Servant King (208), and finished with Baby (Justin Bieber). Conductors were Will and Louis.
‘A very diverse programme full of character. Well done.’ – Sarah Kettlety

Caverel opened their set with Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night (The Beatles) and displayed a lovely balance of voices and good timing throughout. Their version of The Servant King was wonderfully arranged and excellently executed, sensitively accompanied and had a good balance between melody and harmony. The girls finished their set with Suddenly I See (KT Tunstall). Accompanied by some of the Caverel musicians, the House was clearly enjoying performing this piece. Sophie B and Sophie W were the conductors.
‘A very well put together programme and a thoroughly enjoyable performance.’ – Sarah Kettlety

Smythe were conducted by Alex and Ayrton, and musicians also accompanied some of the pieces including Jimmy on piano, Dylan on drums, Daniel on the bongos and Ben on guitar. They opened with a delightful and very engaging arrangement of Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen), performed by Jimmy on piano with Ayrton, Dylan and Bosco singing. Next up was their hymn choice of Shine, Jesus, shine (238). The external judge commented that ‘they looked like a professional choir’ and created an amazing sound. Their final performance was Getting back together (Taylor Swift) accompany by a great band and showcasing some accomplished unison singing.

‘Smythe, what a great performance. Thank you for the entertainment.’ – Sarah Kettlety

Well done to Caverel who won this year’s competition.

Congratulations to all the performers which clearly rehearsed hard to bring us such a delightful evening of music. Thanks go to everyone who helped behind the scenes and to our external judge, Sarah Kettlety, Director of Music at The Paragon School in Bath.