Inter-House Hockey …the most competitive girls’ match of the year! 

Preparations for the big match started the night before, with Caverel girls painting signs to motivate the players. 

In the morning, Isabella and Caverel did not share breakfast tables. The players were already getting mentally prepared for what is known to be the most competitive girls match of the year. Although we take it very seriously, it is a humorous event we look forward to. It helps unite us as a house, everyone gets involved. Whoever wasn’t on the pitch would be on the side, cheering violently. At 12:30, people were already getting ready, putting war paint on each other and finding props for the 1:30 match. It ended after an extremely tense hour, Caverel won scoring 7 goals against Isabella, who scored 2.

Charlotte Griffith, Upper Sixth Form

Photographer credit: Charlotte Griffith