Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse [IICSA]

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) was set up in March 2015 and is now under way. This Inquiry will investigate whether public bodies and other non-state institutions in England and Wales have taken seriously their responsibility to protect children from sexual abuse, and make meaningful recommendations for change in the future.

On 27th November the public hearings commenced on Child Sex Abuse in the Roman Catholic Church and will continue until 15th December. The first case study will examine the English Benedictine Congregation including schools run by the congregation of which Downside is one. Ampleforth and St Benedict’s Ealing will also appear before the panel. We made an opening statement at the Inquiry which can be accessed here.

This page provides resources for those seeking further information on the details of the Inquiry. Please see the links below:

Downside School based in Somerset is a core participant in the IICSA.

Downside School based in Somerset is a core participant in the IICSA.

Representatives from Downside will both be giving evidence to the Inquiry and listening to the evidence given by surviors of abuse and other contributors in a spirit of humility and openness. They will offer their fullest, unequivocal, apologies to all of those who have been sexually abused whilst in the care of Downside.

Downside is committed to supporting victims and survivors of abuse and will follow the procedures prescribed in the School’s Child Protection Policy to ensure that reports of abuse are appropriately received and acted upon. We are also fully committed to helping victims and survivors access the support most appropriate to their needs, through our links with the Clifton Diocese Safeguarding Team. The Contact number for the Clifton Diocese Safeguarding Team is:Tel: 0117 954 0993

Dom Leo Maidlow Davis, Prior of Downside

Dom Leo Maidlow Davis, Prior of Downside

Further Information:

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