Welcome to the first edition of Horizon, a new School magazine brought to you by a dedicated pupil editorial team.

There are some broad aims. We are trying to put together a magazine that is read and enjoyed. We want to show the School from our point of view. We don’t want to fall into genre clichés and we want to focus on people, what motivates them and why we do the things we do. This means getting to grips with the elements that make Downside such an unusual and amazing place to live, work and study. We want to be honest but we also recognise our responsibilities as young journalists.

We welcome commissions: if you have ideas for further articles get in touch with the editorial team. We are also keenly interested in unusual and amazing work. In time, we hope to move to two editions per year, but we need new writers and editors to make it happen. Watch out for notices about the next phase in September. We want it to become an exciting and keenly-anticipated part of life at Downside.

Click here to read the Summer 2019 edition.