On Thursday 18th November 2021, Justin McLennan (C87) hosted another successful Hong Kong Reunion Dinner.

A great night was had once again by all that attended last night’s dinner. Justin says about the event ‘The Hong Kong Club dinner was delicious, as was the wine’. In attendance there was a variety generations, including Guy Fulton (C88), Peter Murphy (B86), Paul Knox (U77), William Courtenay (C90), Jeremey Sutch (U89), Mark Chan (U89), Anthony Lam (S86), Kenneth Lam (S87), Michael Cheung (S84), Edmund Wan (Ra90), Vincent Li (S17), Arthur Cheng (C06), Alfred Wu (S99) and Steven Chan (C05).

If you would like to be contacted about further Hong Kong events, please contact oldgregorians@downside.co.uk with your current address.