Happy New Year!

Whilst a break is fun, it’s always a good feeling to get back into the routine of a new term and to see friends.

Last weekend, there were a number of pre-season sports events with positive performances in hockey, netball and cross-country, and the pupils are looking forward to welcoming a number of schools this weekend for the coveted Downside Trophy cross-country prize. We also started the year by welcoming a range of players from Somerset Cricket to our site to use our new indoor nets ahead of their Sri Lanka tour. 


This week, we’ve been considering the benefits of ‘healthy living’ during tutor period, and last night a nutritionist from Holroyd Howe spoke to the younger pupils about the impact of diet and food upon our well-being. We’ll keep you posted on how well we stick to these new year resolutions! 


To learn more about the eight Benedictine values that help all staff and pupils at Downside to maintain their well-being on a day to day basis, click here