The annual golf match between Downside pupils and Old Gregorian Golfing Society (OGGS) took place on Tuesday 19th October 2021 at Farrington Golf Club.

The School team included Rosie (Third Form), Sebastian and Archie (Fifth Form), and Sixth Formers Zak, Robert and Sebastian. Playing for the OGGS team were Michael Lidell (B84), David Sheridan (C81), Simon McCall (B73), Ben Poutney (C95), Mel Field (HonOG) and Richard Jones, Downside’s Director of Sport. 

The Downside team used Top Tracer software available at Farrington to help with their pre-match preparation the day before. This was a useful opportunity for the group to further their learning of the gane, and experience a different aspect of golf. 

The teams teed off around 8.00am, broke for a very enjoyable lunch in the Club House, after which pupils were paired with a member of the OGGS. The Downside team put their skills to the test and won four of the six rounds during the afternoon.

The winning team this year was Downside who beat the Society by 5½ matches to 3½. Pupils appreciated the opportunity to play against the OGGS and also to hear stories from the OGs’ time at Downside. Both sides look forward to meeting once again at Farrington Golf Club in 2022.