We join together this morning in Downside Abbey Church to celebrate the Feast Day of St Gregory the Great (Pope Gregory I) in a whole school service.

Today’s Mass is particularly poignant for members of the Downside community around the world, as it marks the last monastic Mass before the Downside monks leave for their new home at Buckfast Abbey.

We remain ever thankful to the monks of the community of St Gregory and for all that they have done for Downside School throughout its history; in particular Father James and Father Boniface, who have given us spiritual guidance and have prayed and cared for us since our arrival at Downside.

St Gregory
St Gregory is the patron of the Downside monastery, the School and the alumni society, and is considered to be the ‘founder’ of medieval papacy. He was the patron saint of musicians, singers, students and teachers. Click here to read more about him from Fr James.