EBC Essay Competition – Downside pupils excel! 

Downside has enjoyed an enviable reputation in this competition in recent years and we have maintained our success rate. The competition itself is not merely an ideal opportunity for pupils to challenge themselves intellectually, but time to reflect and think deeply about the value of a Benedictine education.

Writing the essay demonstrates independent learning, and an ability to engage with an intellectual topic and produce a coherent argument and we are thrilled that Maria and Anna were awarded first and second places respectively. 

Senior Essay Title:
Pope Francis has written in Amoris Lætitia (‘The Joy of Love’) on the subject “Towards a Better Education of Children” (Chapter 7). What support for his teaching can be found within the guidance of St Benedict in his Rule?

1st Maria Zielinska
2nd Anna Ryduchowska

When researching the essay, pupils are asked to read the Rule of St. Benedict and explore the following questions widely:
– What are the values which St Benedict thinks are important?
– Which of these values are important only for monks and nuns, and which are important for everybody?
– Do St Benedict’s views about love and community correspond with the values of today?
– What are the spiritual values that the practical provisions for community in the Rule are trying to foster?

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