Diary of a Parent

I look back on all we’ve done this term and realise that being connected to Downside is practically a full time job!

What with lunches put on by the Parents’ Association to meet and befriend parents from the differing year groups; taking part in the annual fun-filled Quiz Night (next year make note we really must make more of an effort to beat those teachers!); let alone the supporting every weekend from the sidelines at the Hockey and Rugby, where it has been really inspiring to see how quickly the new teams have melded together and gone from strength to strength with their match skills and play.

We’ve enjoyed listening spellbound to the choir and orchestra at the St Cecilia Concert in the Abbey; squeezing in a visit to two houses for their At Home Sundays and being reassured that they really don’t miss being at home – after all they’re far too busy; fitting in a Committee meeting or two to help keep the Parents’ Association events on track; keeping up to date with those academic reports, feeling unnerved by all the GCSE and A level options – thank goodness for the booklet and Open days which have explained all.

I relish the chance to catch up with parents from near and far – agreeing that it can sometimes be quite difficult getting the day pupils home, as once here they find staying for prep & supper allows some welcome “social downtime” before being whisked home “to bed” and so much for thinking my “boarders” would race home at every opportunity – we’re the ones who’re called to come and visit them in situ so that they can fit us in between the more interesting activities; looking forward to the Carol service in the Abbey which once attended you never want to miss again; and then a bit of welcome retail therapy at the Christmas Fair to stock up on last minute gifts….

…all in all it’s not just the children who have had a busy term, I’m rather looking forward to a break myself!

Helen Mills
Chair of the Downside Parents’ Association