The Theology Faculty in a Roman Catholic Benedictine community such as Downside aims to understand the Catholic mind and character, and, where appropriate, help form intelligent Catholic minds and characters.

This takes place through a reasoned exploration of the riches of the Catholic tradition of faith and life and its engagement with the wider culture; through knowledge and understanding of the responses of faith to the ultimate questions about human life, its origins and purpose; through evaluation of religious and moral questions.

Theology (Religious Studies)

Religious Studies, the name given to the subject at GCSE and A Level, in such a context as ours, is one expression of ‘faith seeking understanding’ (fides quaerens intellectum as St Anselm put it) which is a classic definition of the theological task. This makes it an academic discipline that holds its own place among other academic disciplines, though it is also part of a wider spiritual purpose of the school, community and Church to bring the Gospel of salvation to the whole of creation.

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Downside School Theology Staff

Mr H Walters BA (Hons), PGCE, MA

Head of History and Theology

Mr P Andrewartha BA

Lay Chaplain

Miss J Price BA

Teacher of Religious Studies

Mr J Freeman BA (Hons), PGCE

Teacher of Religious Studies

Mr C Stowell MA in Christian Theology, BA (Hons), PGCE with QTS

Teacher of Religious Studies