Science is a perspective that takes us from confusion to understanding in a manner that is precise, predictive and reliable.

Science at Downside School

Our aim is to make Science an interesting and attractive subject which inspires each pupil to develop their academic skills, creativity, and knowledge of the scientific method.

All lessons are taught in fully-equipped science labs supported by a suite of data-logging computers. An overarching practical skills strategy ensures all pupils experience investigative science and a high emphasis is placed on making science a dynamic and interactive learning experience. As well as providing an intellectually rigorous model to understand the physical universe, teaching highlights applications of science in technology and medicine. Academic studies are supported by co-curricular activities, visiting speakers and an annual Science and Engineering week that includes a science fair based on the American High School model. Examination results are excellent and pupils go on to read diverse science related subjects at top universities including an outstanding crop of medics in recent years.

Physical Education

Physical Education as a curriculum subject differs from PE in the gym and is taught as part of the science faculty and includes the study of physiology, psychology and sports technology.

Downside School Science Staff

Mr P Rigby BScHead of Science Faculty
Mr S Barrett BScHead of Biology
Mr M Randall BScDeputy Head & Teacher of Biology
Mr B Edge BScHead of Academic PE
Miss S Essex BSc Science Technician
Mr M Grinsell MATeacher of Chemistry
Mr D Hicks BEdTeacher of Chemistry & Physics
Mr P Hunt BScHead of Chemistry
Mr R Jones BATeacher of PE
Dr M Leatherbarrow DPhilTeacher of Chemistry
Mr A MillardScience Technician
Mrs C Murphy BScTeacher of Biology
Mrs H AlcantaráTeacher of Biology
Mrs M Ryder BScSenior Science Technician
Mr R Worsman BScTeacher of Physics & Biology
Mr D Bryson BSc Hons, NPQHTeacher of Mathematics & Biology